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December 2016

Volume 3 Issue 2


Case Report 

Coronary Artery Pseudoaneurysm after Aortic Valve Replacement: A Case Report Treated with Coil Embolization

Yanzia Qiu, Phillip Moore MD, Hugh Parker MD, Andrew D. Michaels MD, MAS, FACC*

We present a case of a coronary artery pseudoaneurysm occuring following aortic valve replacement surgery. Immediately postoperatively, she developed tamponade managed with pericardiocentesis. Following discharge, the patient subsequently developed dyspnea on exertion and exertional chest pain refractory to antianginal medical therapy. Coronary artery angiography demonstrated a new apical left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery pseudoaneurysm emptying into the right ventricle.

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Review article 

Role of “Calcium Paradox” due to Ca 2 +/cAMP Interaction in the Sympathetic Regulation of Vascular Tone and its Implications for Antihypertensive Pharmacotherapy

Afonso Caricati-Neto PhD, Francisco Sandro Menezes-Rodrigues PhD, Leandro Bueno Bergantin* PhD

Since 1975, several clinical studies showed that L-type voltage-activated Ca2+ channels (VACC) blockers used in the antihypertensive pharmacotherapy, such as verapamil and nifedipine, produced vasodilation and reduction of arterial pressure associated with a paradoxical increase in plasma catecholamines levels and heart rate. Initially, these responses characterized by sympathetic hyperactivity were attributed to adjust reflex of arterial pressure, however cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in this paradoxical effect of the L-type VACC blockers remained unclear for four decades.

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Research article 

Relationships of Left-Sided Heart Measures in Normal Pediatric Patients

Merryl J. Terry, B.A., Linda E. May Ph.D.*, William B. Drake M.D., Ehssan Zare-Maivan D.O., Erin M. Smith ,D.O.

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, about 40,000 newborns are born every year with a congenital heart defect in the United States. Although most anomalies are evident early in gestation, some may develop in later stages of pregnancy, thus remaining undetected until after birth. Transthoracic echocardiography continues to be the diagnostic tool of choice for identifying anomalies within the pediatric cardiovascular system.

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